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It's not always about the price, sometimes it is simply having the right coverage. With First Community Insurance I never worry whether I'm covered or not.
K.Smith - Culvers Franchise
Doug and his team handle the hard stuff immediately. The impossible takes a week or two.
T. Garcia - Small Business Owner
I don't worry about my retirement anymore. Doug set me up on autopilot income with above average returns and no risk... very happy.
M. Lucas - Semi-Pro Golfer
We wont go anywhere else.
R.Steinke and J.Piekarczyk
Doug Wheeler was the best thing that came into my life. I was in a perfect storm and he calmed the sea and assured me I would survive. Through his knowledge and direction, I can honestly say that I am OK today because of Doug. I questioned what I didn't understand and Doug was always willing to explain the unknown to me. I am pleased and privileged to now call him my friend as well as financial advisor. He treated me like family from the beginning and still does.
Kathy Lachowicz
In working with Doug Wheeler and First Community, I have found Doug to be the consummate insurance agent. Always looking out for your interests and doing what’s best for the client, he values the relationships he has built over the years and has extended those through generations of families he has worked with. When you need Doug, he is on the phone or at your door, ready, willing, and able to help. His extensive knowledge of insurance products and concepts has made him a respected member in his community and the insurance industry as a whole. If you are looking for a trusted advisor to help you through the often difficult world of insurance products and how to use them, Doug will personally walk you through the process and make it easy to understand.
John O'Keefe

Homeowners and Auto Insurance in Bourbonnais, IL

Safeguarding Illinois Residents and Businesses from Loss

Founded in October 1990 as D.A. Wheeler and Associates, our agency has evolved over two and a half decades into what is now First Community Insurance and Annuity Center. Our staff is comprised of individuals from the immediate Kankakee Country area, who own experience in banking, farming, and small business protection.

FCIA focuses on relationship building. We love our clients! As an agency, we believe by providing world-class service with access to exceptional carriers and products we can transcend insurance industry norms, where complacency and self-preservation is a typical way of conducting business.

Personalized Insurance Solutions, Built By Experienced Agents

Our agency’s founder, Doug Wheeler, grew up in a small rural town and worked alongside family at the Western Auto Store. Working at that business, he learned to incorporate loyalty, problem solving, and customer satisfaction into his own business model.

FCIA doesn’t always produce the cheapest premium in terms of price; however, securing adequate insurance coverage is paramount to any individual, family, farmer, or small business owner. We’ve discovered other agencies often provide stripped down policies in an effort to “save” the client money.

We choose to apologize now for the cost of coverage difference instead of apologizing later when your claim is denied because of lack of coverage. Our clients appreciate this candor and truthfulness when it comes to problem solving. We won’t sugar coat things just to obtain your business. Instead, we go to work to protect your essential assets. As one business owner put it, “The hard stuff they (FCIA) handle immediately, but the impossible might take a few weeks!”

Our team approach also makes us unique, as many different eyes and experiences contribute to creating an insurance or retirement plan. Having insurance, retirement, and financial programs under one roof allows us to work holistically in protecting your assets.

In all, agents cannot solidify a true wealth conservation plan if consideration is not placed in the physical losses of the client’s farm, business, household, or estate. A tornado or fire can be just as devastating as a disability or drop in market value.

FCIA is licensed for all property and casualty, including business insurance and farm insurance in Illinois and Indiana. Mr. Wheeler is licensed for all life, disability, health, and wealth conservation products in Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Indiana, Tennessee, Arkansas, and Alabama. Among our client base, we boast professional athletes, musicians, radio and TV personalities, as well as many local farmers, well-known community leaders, and small business owners

The truth remains, our agency isn’t for everyone. If your objective is to only cover one vehicle or cut costs, our services simply don’t fit. But, if you need an insurance and financial services agency that views the “big picture,” we will fight hard to develop the right coverage at the right price. For additional insight, please contact an agent.

Local Agents Focused on their Neighboring Illinois Community

Aside from a commitment to quality insurance services, we also administer dedication to Bourbonnais and surrounding Illinois communities. Our staff can regularly be seen working alongside or supporting the following organizations:

Mr. Wheeler regularly travels to Uganda and Kenya, working with Restoration Gateway Ministry and Missions of Hope. On these travels, he teaches business skills and micro finance.

Our phone lines are open Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. All staff members are fully licensed insurance professionals, with more than 100 combined years of experience in business and insurance solutions. If you’re interested in partnering with our agency, request a quote.

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